Never having been to Kauai before, I did what everyone does: I bought a guide book.  I then read the whole two hundred and some-odd pages. But, as always, there is lots of “stuff” but it is hard to put context around it, to know what you really should do.


Enter Kim.  I have never met her, but my mental image of her has her wearing a cape and a big “S” on her shirt. She is just amazing, a force of nature. I sent her this preposterously long numbered email with like 20 questions/ideas.  Some were really vague, like “My daughter is into Marine Biology, what should we do” to specific ones like “Helicopters: Go or no go?”


I kind of expected 20 really brief answers.  But no, Kim gave me all the detail I wanted, but – and here is the good part – she then told me exactly what she would suggest.  Best of both worlds: All the info I want, but then specific advice. (BTW - I always went with her advice.  She never steered me wrong.)


Most of the things I asked her about were certainly not commissionable to her.  Getting gluten free bread in Hanalei, for instance.  You would think she would just gloss over that. But no – Kim is a super professional and gave me as much info as I needed with EVERYTHING on my list.  I feel like I we had an Aunt or something living in Kauai who was watching our back. 


So yeah, Kim rocks, especially if you are heading there as a first timer.  Her patience, expertise, resourcefulness and professionalism set her apart.  Plus, I kind of suspect she is super cool as well.

March 2015 Byron R...

Cannot sing high enough praises for Kimmy and her services.
Kimmy worked closely with me to help set up adventures for my large (and very picky) family who was celebrating my dad's 70th birthday. She set up a helicopter ride for my dad was nothing short of spectacular. It was the first time my dad had flown since Vietnam and he was rendered speechless by the beauty of the island and the professionalism of his pilot. Even when asking him about it on our flight home, he couldn’t quite put it into words. He said that
it was the highlight of the entire trip. Kimmy also set up a private chef for my dad's birthday night. LaLa and Moana were exceptional and cooked us an absolute feast. Even when I put in a last minute request for coconut shrimp a few hours before they came, she delivered! Those women had the best Aloha spirit and it made for such a memorable night. I would recommend Kimmy and use her again and again - she made our vacation spectacular beyond words!

Lisa Hanson, September 2018

Hand selected adventures and providers. All are uniquely local experiences provided by knowledgeable staff who take pride in their island and enjoyment in sharing the beauty. All details managed by Kimmy were accurate and she managed the exceptions when weather changed our plans. Highly recommend! We enjoyed the Luau, Na’pali sailing, and Surf lessons for teenagers - all arranged by Kimmy.

Scott B. June 2018

Kim made our stay in Kauai something special! Not only did she give great suggestions for activities (when we made our decisions she booked them and everything went off perfectly) but she also shared restaurant ideas and just a general sense of the island! Only wish we were staying longer to see what else we could discover at her suggestion! Hopefully there will be a next time!

Jennifer M. May 2018

What a great experience I had with Kimmy. She did so much legwork and booked events that I didn't even know existed. I had a whole week planned and she was kind enough to tell me to slow down. If anyone knows me, that's a hard thing for me to do. She is more concerned for my enjoyment (R&R) than her pocketbook. She is a "true blue" type of person that I hope to cross paths with again someday. She went way out of her way to help me with tours that weren't even affiliates of hers. She made my life easier by working hard for me.

Thank you Kimmy, I really appreciate your time and effort that you invested in our trip. Have a happy and prosperous New Year. Much appreciated.

Al and Krista - December 2017

What can I say...Kimmy is nothing short of amazing! She helped craft the most incredible vacation to the north shore of Kauai. It was such a great journey, none of us wanted to head home! Kimmy is kind, professional and extremely detail oriented. I had hundreds of questions about tiny details - and she was always there to assist and point me in the right direction. Thank you Kimmy!

Allyson P. March 2017

Reliable, insightful advice. Don't go to Kauai without calling Kimmy first!

August 2015  J. E. Carlson

Kim, You did an excellent job of suggesting adventures and then, planning them! From a helicopter ride, to tubing, to zip lining, to waterfall repelling, to golf and a Chef (Lala was fantastic)! Our vacation was jam packed with excitement. Thank you!

 January 2016 Gretchen T

Getting very excited for our family reunion in Kauai! Each day I work with Kimmy to book activities and make plans to discover the island with our group I feel assured that we are going to have a wonderful time!

February 2015 Tracey W S

Our trip was a dream come true! All of Kimmy's recommendations were truly great and each activity was exactly what she said. From restaurants to where to see the best sunset, we enjoyed everything!

May 2015 Stacy M

Kim, you did an excellent job of setting up the activities we requested. Each one exceeded our expectations and helped make our 50th wedding anniversary trip with our family more memorable. The surf and paddle board lessons you arranged were so successful. The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, attentive, and we were all able to surf or SUP. Such fun. The luau was a big hit. The whole atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable. It was so nice to have a table reserved for the 14 of us. My granddaughters enjoyed participating in one of the hula dances. The show accompanying the luau was excellent. The chef you engaged for us was superb. She and her sou chefs were unobtrusive and prepared a delicious Hawaiian meal for us. It was certainly an evening to remember. We appreciate all you did to make this a memorable trip for our whole family. Mahalo!

August 2015 Virginia D

Kimmy, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, recommendations and taking care of every single of my requests in a timely manner making our trip as smooth and pleasant as possible. You set us up with a fun luau, a breath taking helicopter tour over Kauai, an amazing Napali cost sail and arranged Chef Lala to cook a delicious meal for us one night with a superb scheduling. I could have not done it without You!
We all returned home with memories lasting for a life time. I hope to return soon! Mahalo!!!

May 2016 Judit M

Kimmy, you made our vacation a wonderful family memory for all seven of us!!! Your suggestions, helpful tips, and booking of our adventures made our experiences in Kauai top notch! And the house was just amazing!!! Thank you again for everything - we can't wait to go back!!!

July 2016 Kim  S K


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