Trip Advisor, Flipkey - Why you should book directly with a Kauai Agency.

October 18, 2017



Why should you book with a relatively small company such as VIP Kauai?


You are in the beginning stages of planning your dream vacation to you Google Kauai Vacation Rentals and other key words. You are instantly bombarded with solicitations by those with the deepest pockets. Corporate America...most prominently huge companies such as Trip Advisor, Flipkey, VRBO, Homeaway and Airbnb, all publicly traded entities, paying minimal wages while executives and unknown shareholders reap the profits. Want to speak to someone on the phone at Trip recent attempts to do so were all diverted, and then answered after lengthy wait times in the Philippines, by an employee with an estimated monthly salary of approximately 15,000 to 20,000 pesos per month, the US equivalent of $300 - $400. 


What do they know about Kauai? Have they been there themselves? Are they qualified to guide you when planning your one and only, Kauai Dream Vacation. We certainly are...


These agencies have now implemented fees on the traveler, upwards of 10% to 20% tacked on to your hard earned trip. They charge the homeowner or property manager as well. They compile data and apply the most complex algorithms so they can target the consumer, get your attention and then ultimately, convince you to reserve with them. They will tell you your money is at risk, do not wire funds ever, let us protect your investment. But what are they protecting you from? It is the very platforms they created that are in the crosshairs of scammers and hackers. Big companies gather tens of thousands of clients credit card information and data, making them prime targets of hackers and identity thieves. Small specialized agencies like ours personally oversee your data and take extreme measures to protect your privacy and security. Yes these big companies are a viable means to view homes, share reviews and gather information. When you are ready to reserve, contact a Kauai agency...people that live and love Kauai and want to share in the Aloha Spirit. Can you wire money? Yes, if the bank is a US entity such as Chase, Bank Of America, Capital One, Bank Of Hawaii, First Hawaiian and others. Certainly never ever send money overseas. We do not advise Western Union. If it seems suspicious, it most likely may be.


Are you protected with a Kauai agency. ABSOLUTELY...most, like us, take all forms of credit cards and are licensed to sell Travel Insurance. 


Sadly, Corporate America's priority is not the traveler, it is the shareholder. They do not have your best interest at heart. BUT WE DO!!! 


There are several very reputable agencies on the island of Kauai. Each offers clients concierge services. Each offers a personal touch incorporating  patience and a genuine desire to exceed your expectations.


At VIP Kauai, we began our journey in 2000, renting a luxury 5 bedroom home for 3 weeks in August called Tunnels Villa. The next year it was Hale Makana, a home we now proudly represent, then Hihimanu Estate, another home we have shared with visitors. After six more years of renting homes, we bought Aloha Lani, The House of Dreams, our first Kauai home. We began sharing it with others and then launched House Of Dreams Kauai, our first rental agency. In september of 2015, Kimmy of Kauai Ventures joined us offering complimentary services and her expert guidance and commitment to you. With 8 years of being a client of rental homes, coupled with personally owning and outfitting 2 five bedroom Kauai rentals, we understand the leap of faith it takes to rent a private residence over choosing a resort. This PASSION is found throughout Kauai, not just from our agency, but our competitors as well. While business is often about profits first, agencies on Kauai have an open handed way of working together, with one goal in share with others, to give unconditionally and create everlasting memories for you, your friends and your Ohana.


So when VRBO, Trip Advisor, Air BNB or Homeaway suggest their services to be the only safe and reputable way to plan a Kauai vacation, please consider this. First, you will avoid costly additional fees when working with us. Second, you will have complete accessibility to speak directly and ask questions prior to entering any payment information or committing to a home. Third and most important, you are not just a name and number. Your vacation truly matters to us.


So now that you are ready to take that leap of faith, consider the intimacy or our family owned and operated company. If not us, look to another local business on Kauai. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking experience while helping to preserve the culture and sustainability of our beautiful majestic island.


Mahalo and Aloha...







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